The Firm

NEWTON WONG & ASSOCIATES is a Law firm located on Bay Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are a boutique law firm that provides service to our Clients in the areas of Corporate, Commercial, Trade-mark, Estates, Civil Litigation and Immigration.

The objective of the Firm is to achieve success for our Clients through obtaining and understanding our Clients’ needs and developing a strategy that is effective in terms of the desired results and costs.

We are able to understand many non-legal factors such as cultural, business and accounting issues by creating a plan that protects the client while achieving success.

Members of the Firm have facility in many languages including Cantonese and Mandarin which is incorporated in the overall effectiveness of the Firm. The Firm is results driven while maintaining a strong appreciation for ethics and professionalism.


Our Clients

The success of our Clients is paramount.

Many of our Clients have retained our Firm for over two decades. This is a testament to our Firm’s philosophy of loyalty, trust, and excellence in service.

Our Clients include telecommunications and technology companies, developers, major banks, financial institutions, local, Asian and European manufacturers and distributors and individuals.

Our Firm has also been appointed legal counsel to various non-profit organizations. Our Firm maintains its involvement with organizations that facilitate trade between Canada and China.


Our Services

We are known for our ability to develop strategic positions, speed of execution, confidentiality and also a high level of service.

We service numerous clients throughout the world.


Our Commitment

Our commitment is to our Clients for the loyalty and trust that they place in our Firm.

Simply, our Firm looks after our Clients.

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